Please agree to the creation of account ID
on O!Oi’s new global website and transfer of personal information.

In early August, each websites of O!OiCOLLECTION and 5252 BY O!Oi will be integrated and opened as a global site,

and all services will be available with one account in order to provide better service and convenience.

If you agree to the transfer of personal information, an account ID on the website is automatically created

as email information in your personal information, and you can receive benefits from the website system later.

The password can be set directly on the website after new global website is opened.

After opening of new website,

elated data such as membership level and benefits (excluding order histories) will be terminated as it is not available and

will be deleted the member's personal information who did not agree to.

If you wish to proceed with agree later, please check My Page.

* Please check the ID (E-mail) to be used on new website.

If the e-mail information is not verified, please correct it yourself or create a new one.

* Click Read more to view detailed personal information collection history and data deletion lists.

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* New global website opening schedule will be noticed on O!Oi's official Instagram.

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