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Title Notice on O!Oi’s new global website service
Posted by O!Oi (ip:)
  • Date 2022-07-11 15:32:58
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Updated July 12, 2022

We sincerely thank all the members of O!Oi.


In early August, 2 official websites of O!Oi will be changed to a new global website to provide better service and convenience.

Each brand’s website of O!OiCOLLECTION and 5252 BY O!Oi will be integrated and opened as a global site, and all services will be available with one account. 


We would like to automatically create an account ID on new website to provide a more convenient service.

Email address, one of the information in your account on present website, will be used as new account ID for new website.

In order to create a new account, we will check the consent of members for the collection and transfer of personal information.

Members who have agreed would receive better services and benefits from the website. 


*The password can be set directly on the website after new global website is opened. 


However, all data related to points, mileages, deposits, membership level, and benefits in the present website will not available due to the relocation of the website, and will be terminated or deleted. Accordingly, the confirmation of consent to deletion of member data and consent to the transfer of personal information will be processed at the same time.

Even if you do not agree, existing benefits will be terminated due to the relocation of the website and it may be difficult to provide additional benefits on new website the data cannot be recovered. 


Members are requested to check whether the e-mail address is entered in order to create a new website account. 


For more details, please check the details below and agree to it by August 08, 2022.

Consent Schedule: 2022.07.12 10:00 KST – 2022.08.08 11:59 KST 


How to agree: Please check present website pop-up or log in and access [My Page> Personal Information Transfer Agreement] or click 'Go to Agree' below to express consent.


Go to Agree



Notice based on sign up date 


For members who signed up before August 8, 2022: 


• If more than one account is created and used for each present site,

personal information can be transferred only to the account for which the user's consent for the transfer of personal information has been completed,

and the integrated website can be used later with the account's e-mail address.

If you enter the email address of an account that has already completed the consent, it will not be available for sign up as it is a duplicate address.

If the member does not agree to the consent, it is difficult to recover the benefits due to the data deletion.


• For member who entered the e-mail address when signing up, are only required to confirm the e-mail address automatically filled in the box and complete the consent to the transfer of personal information. 


• For accounts have not already been entered your e-mail address when signing up for the first time,

account information transfer is completed only when the correct e-mail address is entered in the consent step. 


For new members joining after August 8, 2022: 


• After signing up on the new website, you can readily use the website but it is difficult to transfer information from the previous website after the consent period has passed.

Please note that the benefits received will be terminated or deleted after changing to new global website. 


Information collected after agreeing to the transfer of personal information consent.


Existing ID / Name / Phone number / Shipping address / Email / Points of deposit / Gender / Birthday 


Inquiry about previous order history after changing new global website 


All details related to product orders on the present website cannot be transferred to new website,

and the data will be preserved during the personal information retention period according to related laws and regulations of South Korea

(*Article 6 of the Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce, etc. and Article 6 of the Concurrent Enforcement Decree).

Since the data will be deleted later, if you have any inquiries, please contact the customer center. 


Termination and deletion of data history 


All the following lists on the present website will be terminated and deleted when personal information transfering is completed to new global website.

It is difficult to recover present data and transfer personal information after that period, and please note that the new website will be available for use after creating a new account.


• Deletion of personal information (Name, Shipping address, General/Mobile phone number, E-mail)


• Member's points/mileages expired due to deletion of personal information (accumulation history until 2022/8/8)

       *Points/mileages to be expired will be compensated on new website based on the combined basis for each brand. Detailed coupon usage guides can be found on the new website. 

        - 0~5 USD (0~500 JPY) based on total points: a 5% off coupon

        -  5~10 USD (500~1,000 JPY) based on total points: a 10% off coupon

        -  10~50 USD (1,000~5,000 JPY) based on total points: a 10% off coupon, a 30% off coupon

        -  Over 50 USD (5,000 JPY) based on total points: a 10% off coupon, a 20% off coupon, a 30% off coupon, (NEW Category Limited) two 5% Coupon.


• Membership benefits will be terminated due to deletion of personal information 


• Coupons or serial coupons will be expired due to deletion of personal information 


If you have any other inquires, please contact the customer center.

O!Oi will continue to provide better service and do our best to keep your valuable personal information safe.

Thank you.

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