It will be given 1 ROSÉ PHOTO CARD SET to all customers who purchase 2021 SIGNATURE DOWN JACKET for the promotion period.


It is available 1 photo card set given for
purchase of all products in NEW category.
(excluding Accessories)

To get a photo card set,
a product named "Photo card set" from
the menu 'Buy together' must be put together in a shopping cart.
If you have placed an order without selecting the photo card option,
the photo card will not be given out later on separately.

Photo card sets are limited in quantity and will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Photo card set cannot be provided more than 1 per account.
(1 Max Orderable Quantity)

A photo card set can be re-purchased only after the order of photo card set
refunding request has been approved. A full refunds will be processed
within the next business day based on the time of cancellation.
(Only once per account)

Please understand a full refund is not available when the photo card set has been opened,
as the photo card set comes in a sealed package.

To get a full refund, the returned product must include an unopened photo card set.

For the case of scheduled delivery products,
Photo card set will be delivered bundled with the scheduled delivery product.

Please understand an order may be automatically canceled if you place an order a photo card through a product that is not included the photo card set event.

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